Enhancing life’s journey together.

We believe in a better future for senior care. It’s one designed around every unique life, with new standards of safety and sustainability. Our long-term care home is built to maintain independence in comfortable living spaces where residents find support and connection.

Long-Term Compassion

Champlain Long Term Care Residence provides resident-directed, person-centric care from experienced professionals. Our staff are dedicated to delivering holistic care and supporting the everyday activities of life with empathy and respect. Residents can expect to feel safe, a sense of control and at home within our community.

Woman feeding the older person

for living

As our community evolves with the next generation of senior care, we’re making choices that put resident’s needs at the centre. It’s time to reimagine how comfort, dignity and privacy are ensured for all.

An elderly couple hugs each other

Local roots

Every home needs a community. That’s why our residence has been a hub of activity and employment for years where people come together to build relationships with their neighbours.

Four residents holding lit sparklers in their hands

Sustainable Living

We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint without compromising care. We’re introducing new solutions such as solar and geothermal power to our homes to ensure a positive impact for generations to come.

A young and an older woman are sitting on a bench in the garden and looking at a smartphone